About Us

Stylecraft Limited is a 100% export oriented garment manufacturing unit engaged in the manufacture of high quality basic and specialized shirts for European, North American and South American markets. The company was incorporated in ______ as a private limited company and was later publicly listed in ________.


To Achieve the best possible quality standards by developing the best methods and practices and recognized by all buyers for product quality.


  • A standard of excellence in every aspect of our business

  • To ensure ethical and responsible conduct in all our operations

  • To respect the rights of all individuals

  • To respect the environment

  • To respect the legal and ethical rights of our employees

  • To be an equal opportunities employer and not tolerate discrimination in hiring and employment practices.

  • To stringently enforce and uphold the “child labor act’ and actively discourage such practices with others

  • To ensure a zero tolerance policy towards physical or verbal harassment or abuse towards any worker or employee

  • To ban the use any forced or involuntary labor whether they are prisoners or bonded, indentured or otherwise

  • To provide a comprehensive and free healthcare to all employees and workers

  • To provide crèche facilities for children of workers up to 3 years of age. Food is the children free of cost and facilities are provided for nursing mothers.

  • To provide free access to education for the children of illiterate workers

  • To comply with all applicable wages and working hours’ law and regulations, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime, maximum hours and other elements of compensation and provision legally mandated benefits.

  • To ensure the payment of two yearly ‘festival’ bonuses to all workers & staff.

  • To facilitate free recreational activities for all staff and workers

Quality Control

  • SCL puts great emphasis to achieve the best possible quality standards by developing the best methods and practices and to be recognized by all buyers for product quality.

  • Part of the quality system check method is designed by KSA Technopak,

  • 100 % checks with Rrandom Quality Audits

  • Incentive scheme is linked to quality of merchandise produced in the factory.

  • Clear documented quality standards and measurement procedures.

  • Quality is strictly measured at all stages of production with a team of .

- Inline inspector

- Inline Auditors

- End Line  inspector

- Quality Auditors

- Section Quality Supervisors

- Section Supervisors


Our manufacturing process has outstanding records to maintain work conditions and employee welfare. It was one of the only two Bangladeshi units  selected by the International Labor Organizations during the visit of their Chief in  _______.  We strictly follow human rights, work safety and environmental policies as per various international organizations, buyers and buyer's countries. We do not have ploicy to employ child labor. SCL routinely updates its firefighting system and has incorporated incentive policies for production operators under guidance of Southasia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF) of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), consulted by KDS Technopak. We have developed rules and policies for our company gathered from our buyers and different information organizations. We believe that makes us compliant in every sense of the word and has earned us various prestigious certifications.

  • OEKO - Tex Standard 100

  • World wide Responsible Accredited Production

  • Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

  • A member of the largest collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain


Corporate and Financial Data

Time of incorporation 1983 (certificate no. C10472
Type of ownership Public Limited Company
Listing Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)
Annual turn over USD 50 million
Total workforce 4,860 strong

Production information at a glance

Capacity for basic men's shirts 1.2 million pcs/month
Time to make photo samples 3 days
Time to make sealing samples 4 days
Production lead time after order confirmation 75 to95 days
Production lead time after approval of lab dips 100 days