What we do

We are a 100% export oriented RMG manufacturer since 1983

We manufacture affordable and fashionable, multi-product menswear and womenswear for some of the leading global fashion brands looking for high-volume, quality and sustainable clothing at great value.

$62 M+


6000 +


1150000 articals



We are a pioneering wholesale clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh

We started our journey in 1983.At that time-there were less than 50 garment factories employing only a few thousand people. M. Shamsur Rahman, who was one of Me founding members of T. Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), saw the opportunity to further develop Me sector by establishing Stylecraft Limited. This not only gave new jobs and Might perspectives to the p.p. of Bangladesh, but also contributed substantially to the development of the country. Under his leadership, we earned an undisputable respect from buyers from all overt. world. Today Stylecraft Limited employs more than 5,000 people a. produces more Man 780,000 articles per month, serving a global market.

Our Approch


Passion We love our work. We put our heart in what we do and we combine our unique craftsmanship with the latest technical skills to design and manufacture garments that are reflective of today, ever changing fashion world.


We are well-known for our meticulousness. That's how we ensure our garments to respect the strictest quality standards and customers requirements. But that's not enough: we love to go even further, offering excellent support. our buyers, addressing every issue accurately and timely when needed.


We know we play an important role in the development of our country and in the sustainable growth of Me industry. That's why we treat our people with respect and integrity, we strive to make garments without harming the environment and we support the development of Me local communities.