Our people

Our People, Our Strength

We recognize that our success comes from the effort of our people. Their talent and dedication drive our performance.

We treat our people with respect and integrity. We value any expression of diversity and we care about other people’s perspectives
We offer fair wages and good working conditions

We provide more than 5,000 freshly prepared nutritious meals everyday for all our employees. A team of well-qualified health care providers and 24×7 medical facilities, through on-campus health centres and oncall ambulance services, ensure that immediate care is provided for. We invest in employees training and development and we constantly instruct our people on safety guidelines.

Our culture

We choose forward

Stylecraft culture defines who we are and what we stand for.

Since its foundation, Stylecraft has been known for creating a harmonious culture that stands for an environment in which mutual respect, fairness and positive recognition of differences are all cultivated to grant a positive employment experience.

We choose inclusion

We hire people who easily and enthusiastically fit in, and thereby we cultivate a more committed workforce creating the foundation for highly productive employee-employer relationships.

We promote collaboration and don’t see people as means but how humans that care and participate in our mission: become a sustainable business able to create value for its buyers its shareholders, its employees and the community.

We choose growing together

We share and cultivate our culture vividly, with stories and events, not only through slogans displayed on posters on the walls or laminated values cards on every desk.

Our values

Great quality products, delivered through excellent customer service

We are meticulous when it comes to details, to manufacture high quality product. This is what we value. But ultimately we are proud of what we do only when our customers are happy. We show respect to them and we treat each customer as if it is the most important to us. We understand the differences among them, avoiding stereotypes, and we constantly pay attention on how each of them wants to be served. We show them our care for their success, with a positive attitude. 'Am I always keeping in mind the user’s perspective in my work?' 'Am I doing my best to deliver excellence to my customer?'

Overcome hurdles, take ownership and make it happen

We believe that everyone has the potential to make a valuable contribution, to make the difference in anything they do. We make it happen with a positive attitude. We are doers. We are committed, responsible and we take ownership for every choice we made. We build and maintain the trust others place in us. 'Do I take ownership of the issues and opportunities I encounter at work?' 'How do I encourage more people to take the initiative?'

Openly share information and be honest

We are honest and transparent. We do not hide information or mistakes, we learn from them. We communicate our opinion without fear. The best ideas are born by sharing information. Our reputation is central to our business success. We act with integrity. 'Do I always share information openly and honestly with my co-workers?', 'Am I acting in accordance to moral and ethical principles?'

Do it right, keep it simple

We manufacture great products and deliver excellent service, the easiest way. There is no need to complicate things to achieve greatness. We focus on being good at what we do. It’s that simple. Our communication to the point. This is what makes it beautiful. 'Am I complicating my duties?', 'Is there any way to do things in a simpler way?'

Embrace a global mindset

We are living in a connected world. We need to tear down cultural barriers to connect with all individuals and successfully cultivate business relationships with our buyers. We value the expression of diversity and care to understand other people’s perspectives. We consider our ability of embracing differences as our main tool for business growth and innovation. Remember: “We are a local garment manufacturer, serving foreign buyers”. 'Am I having any prejudice on others?', 'Am I open to establish business relationships independently of one’s background?'

Take every opportunity to learn something new, and don’t stop innovating

We promote continuous professional and personal development, so that we can implement better ways to work. We encourage creativity as main tool to drive innovation and improve our products and solutions, delivering higher value to all our stakeholders. We unleash the creativity of the entire enterprise by making innovation part of each individual’s job responsibility. 'Do I push myself outside of my comfort zone?', 'Am I trying to learn something new?'

Always be kind and respect your colleagues. Celebrate life together

No bosses, only colleagues. We work together cohesively, creating a positive working atmosphere. We combine individual strengths to enhance team performance. We treat people with respect. Remember: “No one is just his job title. Talk to your colleagues, learn from them, celebrate life together” 'Am I having positive and productive interactions with my teammates?', 'Am I nurturing my interpersonal skills to become a better team player?'

Make clothes without harming the environment

We have a responsibility towards our community. We are committed to making continuous improvements in the management of our environmental impact and to the longer-term goal of developing a sustainable business. We make it happen preserving the environment. 'Am I reducing wastages?', 'During my working hours, am I respecting the environment?'

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