Value Added Services


Embroidery is one of the highest-quality possibilities of textile refinements. Durability, feeling and washability of the applied are hardly to be excelled by other printing methods. It’s a complex process that requires skills and extra care.

Experienced third-party partners work closely with our development teams to execute any embroidery requirement our clients may have. Whether it’s an oxford shirt, checked flannel shirt or any other apparel, our custom made imprints and embroideries can be great add-ons for your products.


Garment dyeing is the process of dyeing full fashioned garments to obtain color alterations and shading effects.

Through strategic partnerships with state-of-the-art dyeing laboratories, we ensure precise color matching as well as consistent results in bulk on any type of fabric/fiber.

No shades variations. Overdyeing possibilities. Environmental Friendly.


Washing is the process and technology applied to solid dyed and yarn dyed garments, as well as all-over print fabrics, to modify appearance, outlook, comfortability and fashion of finished garments.

Our partnership with one of the most modern washing plant in Bangladesh allows us to offer our clients all kinds of wet and dry washing processes including:

Rinse Wash
Enzyme Silicon Wash
Bleach Wash
Towel/Acid Wash
Garment Wash
Hand Sand Wash


We are aware of the importance of packaging to ensure a delighting consumer experience. We closely collaborate with our clients to identify the optimal packaging solution in term of both protection and cost.

We strive to innovate our solutions and create value for them.